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  • MJ's On Jefferson Dayton
  • The Toolbox Saloon Merion Village, Columbus


  • Mike1984
    Mike1984 reviewed MJ's On Jefferson Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Mjs jefferson
    I find it odd so many give decent rating of this place. The staff is rude to you for no reason. It not a place to expect hospitality. There only two ways to be accepted. First if u grew up here in the scene. Second if ur a young twink or extremely hot. Most go here have mediocre jobs with hairdressing at top of the list with that being indicative of personality. I have lived several states and found gay bars to be accepting. Surprisingly this one enjoys belittling newcomers especially the salon hair dress types. Not sure what they expect in life. I guess to have thier gay slice of heavenly gay Dayton. Only cause all they know is gossip as thier life source. It is obvious most go here not experience a real life worth living. I recommend if in area to go Columbus has much much better hospital scene

  • Mike1984
    Mike1984 reviewed The Toolbox Saloon Over a year ago
    Hates it

    The performers grab your private areas. Bartenders are rude and friends with queens. They will let you spend a lot of money and grow you out because their click of friends do not want you there and wait till u spend a lot money first. I do not believe performers pay income tax either.