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    Yes, It's Different, But it's Also The Same
    I must take up gentle cudgels with those who feel that the Front Porch has changed too much in recent years. Granted, it's not the same old place, but it's still has the same welcoming ambiance and the same passion for entertaining the crowd that it always had. I've been coming since John "Mother" Revere owned it and yes, I too loved the vibrant yellows and greens of the old decor, but I was just as happy to see Wayne Wescott's imprimatur when it came time to put his mark on a venerable institution. The colors and the furnishings have changed, but the Front Porch remains a beacon in the heart of Ogunquit- it radiates a warm aura of acceptance and tolerance for all comers, no matter which side of the garden gate you may be swinging on! Come for the great piano music, the entertainment, the drinks and the food- you'll fall in love with the Front Porch all over again!