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  • Bourbon Pub Parade French Quarter, New Orleans
  • Oz French Quarter, New Orleans


  • Memorialguy73
    Memorialguy73 reviewed Oz Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Not the Bourbon Pub but worth the visit !!
    Oz, is another bar that has brought many good times. It is similar to the Pub/Parade but mainly a dance club only. Many big events are held here and the owners are into the circuit scene so it overflows into this location too. Not as large as the Pub/Parade nor do they have as many "happpy go lucky" people but it is a good place to party. If you are looking for a circuit party scene which includes the "extra-curricular activities" this is your bar! The good thing about Bourbon Street is that many of the bars are all very close. If you get bored with Oz or the other bars you simply can leave with your drink and say hello to the others.

  • Memorialguy73
    Memorialguy73 reviewed Bourbon Pub Parade Over a year ago
    Loves it

    A must see in the Big E !
    This bar has brought me many great times! I get to NOLA several times a year and always have a blast at the Pub! The bar is always packed but you are still able to get your drink on. The first floor is a large video bar that has great clips and videos. It is always fun and full of happy people. The second floor is the dance bar with a lounge area in the rear. They ussually have dancers for you who like that and the music is always pumping. Overall, this bar is the gay bar of New Orleans. You have two floors to choose from and that option gives you the feeling that you have two different clubs. Oz across the street is fun too but overall, your best time will probably be at The Bourbon Pub /Parade, it just has more to offer. BTW, the bartenders know customer service! Get back to New Orleans, there is no city in the world like it.

  • Memorialguy73
    Memorialguy73 reviewed Halo Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Houston needs Halo !!
    What a great space! My friends and I met in College Station this weekend for a little fun. It was a easy meeting point for us all. The group came from Austin, Dallas, and Houston. I had heard of Halo but never had any reason to leave our clubs here for a night in College Station. Believe it or not, this college town has an awesome gay bar! Who would have thought that? Normally, the small town gay bars are the ones that you skip or stay away from but Halo is the exception! This bar could easily survive and do very well in any city! It would be a great addition to Houston especially. I love our bars but a bar that size and that nice would definetly add to the " best of " here in Houston! Halo has two floors with a video bar on the first floor and a dance bar on the second. It was nicely decorated, very well lit, the staff was way cute, and the dance floor was packed! I was told that their DJ's drive in from Houston and Austin. REALLY....The bar is easily one of the best "packaged" bars that I have been to and I am a bar fly! Attn: Halo Owner...If you read this...Come to Houston AND repeat your steps! All of us felt that this bar was great! A&M boys, be lucky you have something so _ucking nice!