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  • Etro Lounge Downtown, Houston


  • MartyV2.0
    MartyV2.0 reviewed Etro Lounge 6 months ago
    Hates it

    DJs great, people great, bartenders?OK,except Chris, Chris is a horrible individual, he skipped over me and when i told him he got mad and literally acted like a teenager, taunting me and having a fit because i asked for his name. I don't drink house liquor, I drink grey goose or crown royal and I'm a good tipper,I don't need disrespect from a 6ft man- child in a t-shirt, numbers nightclub is opening 5/19, thank God, now i remember why i stopped going to etros years ago, bartenders like Chris, disrespectful, ungrateful and on a high horse, wont be returning, see everyone at Numbers night club on 5/19!!! GOOD SPACIOUS DANCEFLOOR,STAFF THAT'S FAMILY , FUN !!!