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    A Hellava romp
    Went Friday the 7th at 9 p.m. and was literally surrounded by men of all shapes sizes types and colors the moment I walked in till I left 4 hours later. Within 5 minutes a hot hairy muscle stud from Columbia came up, grabbed my dick and started making out with me. I'm an average guy so that was a great surprise. We went at it for a while then I wondered around for a bit. The night got more eventful and crowded from there. The steam room had guys lined up in stalls ready to give BJ's. At one point there was an orgy in the sling room and steam room, and a hot younger guy was getting gang banged in his private room with the door wide open for anyone to join in, all happening at the same time. No Lie. I sat back and watched it all happen and still had my own more private playtime with a few hot guys before I left. I don't know if it's always like this or just on fridays but I recommend this place to EVERYONE looking for a hot time, because EVERYONE was getting action. Older, younger, slim, large, hairy, muscular, black, white. It didn't matter. There was even a leather daddy in a gimp mask stomping around the halls for a while. It was crazy. Only complaint was parking downtown took about 30 minutes.I promise this ain't a fake review. try it one Friday night and you probably won't regret it.