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  • The Briar Patch Downtown, El Paso


  • Mark88001
    Mark88001 reviewed The Briar Patch Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Waiter Downed cocktails and Detached Doorman
    The Briar Patch is no longer a place that I want to patronize anymore! After many occasions of ordering a cocktail in this place, the bartender serves you a drink that has "less than a shot" of booze in it. I had to send the drink back to the bar and have him remake the drink "like it is supposed to be made"!! Just this past Saturday night - May 5, 2012, I was lectured by the door man on my clothing attire, I wore blue jeans and a leather vest without a shirt. The doorman says that the evening was a "dress up" occasion and that I was not suitable to come into the bar! What a joke!! This is a damn gay bar, and "certainly not" a fancy country club where they had the justification to do this to me! Then he tells me this after he asks for my id. Why did you put me thru this when you had an issue with my dress attire? I will definitely stay far away from this place the next time i visit El Paso and patronize the bars that treat you with "respect and appreciation" as a customer!!