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  • Last Call The Castro, San Francisco
  • Mojo's Center City, Toledo
  • Parliament Resort Of Augusta Augusta


  • MarcPhillips77
    MarcPhillips77 reviewed Parliament Resort Of Augusta Over a year ago
    Loves it

    All in One Resort.
    Some of my friends in Atlanta had been to the Parliament House for a leather run, and after staying at various places visiting family and such, I thought I would try this place out. The lady at the front desk was more than accommodating, and told me a little about the grounds. I was staying from Thurs to Sunday, she told me about the bar next door and the cafe on the grounds, and then I was off to my room. Clean, decent, big bed, big window, very comfortable. It wasn't dark yet, so I kinda milled about the grounds getting 'acquainted' with the place. People seemed friendly, and it was pretty quiet. But that changed pretty quick. I went next door to the bar and met a bunch of people staying next door and a few locals, I had a few drinks and went back to the hotel. I checked out the 'maze' area and the steam room, there were guys around of all ages and types. Friday and Saturday though....what a difference. This place had a lot of people there, and the people that live in the campground invited me to a birthday party up at the campsite. Who am I to turn down free food and alcohol? These guys were really friendly and not in a nasty cruise-y way, they were just nice to be around. I ended up meeting them at the bar after the party, and I felt really welcomed. I ended up meeting some really hot guys , and had a lot of fun. Sure the place wasn't packed, but I was here Mid February...My friends say it's wilder in the summer....the pool area looked gorgeous, and I can't wait to come back here when it opens up. I really liked that it was secure, I mean, you can't just wander onto the property...there are some gross cruise-y hotels in Atlanta and Jacksonville that will allow anyone to drop in and look around; The extra security was welcome, I didn't feel on display and vulnerable as everyone on the grounds was looking for the same thing I was. Just to be clear: This isn't a bathhouse at all. It's a fun, cruisey place that is exactly what you make of it. Will definitely be returning.

  • MarcPhillips77
    MarcPhillips77 reviewed Mojo's Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Not what you are expecting
    I came to Toledo on business and it was a pretty lame experience, except for this bar. It's 3 bars in one, with a huge patio deck. The first bar is the main bar, with a pool table and a raised dance floor. Off to the right, there is a door that takes you to the Drag bar. I don;t mind drag, but that's not what I was looking for. So I made my way to the back bar. Nothing special, but man the show was great. A wide group of guys, some older, some younger, some leather, some bears, but everyone was very nice and I had some great conversations. As for the smoking thing, well, people are gonna complain if you can smoke or if you can't, but I didn't care. Drinks were good, strong, and cheap. I ended up closing the place, and it's not in that bad of an area, I had no troubles whatsoever. Next time I am in the area, I will definitely stop in.

  • MarcPhillips77
    MarcPhillips77 reviewed Last Call Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Hideout in the Castro
    So this has got to be my favorite bar in the Castro. It's a little off the beaten path, and when you get there you'll see what I mean. It's a cozy place, and they treat their customers well. Fun jukebox with lots of random music, and a couple of TV of the bartenders brings in some really fun old TV shows, I sat through a couple episodes of Charlie's Angels and it was a blast lessening to everyone hoot and holler at the screen. Cold beer, attentive and friendly bartender, and you don't get jostled or judged. Good times for all.