63M. Love to travel. I don't do tours or "10 cities in 7 days". I prefer to stay in a place for a week or two, walking the streets, touring the neighborhoods, getting to know the people. I love to try new things, see new things. I am a conscious "yes man". Next on my to do list is Brazil or South Africa.

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  • Steamworks Seattle Capitol Hill, Seattle
  • F212 Steam Vancouver Vancouver


  • MarcDeSade
    MarcDeSade reviewed F212 Steam Vancouver Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Right in the middle of Boyz Town!
    This clean, well-maintained club is right in the heart of the gay village. The club is laid out in a "figure-8" pattern so it is easy to walk around and cruise. Nice steamroom and 10-man hot tub are well used. There are a couple of other small, public play spaces. I went on a Friday night and a Sunday afternoon. Both times there was plenty of variety of age, race and type. I had a great time on both occasions.

  • MarcDeSade
    MarcDeSade reviewed Steamworks Seattle Over a year ago
    Hates it

    I'm a fan of Steamworks! This place - not so much
    Having been to all the other Steamworks, it is hard to imagine that the chain would raise their flag over this place. While this rather small bath house has a large steam room, the two other small, under-used play spaces were nothing to brag about. It seemed as if the Seattle boyz didn't know how to use a suck ramp. The video lounge had a couple of old canvas upholstered sofas that were always wet and sticky (can you say "scabies", ew!). A recent Saturday night wasn't especially busy but did have a good mix of ages, races, types. The biggest turn-off was the horrible, piss-riddled bathroom. Three nights in a row produced no change. They were like the toilets in a truck stop. This place has a long way to go to live up to the otherwise stellar Steamworks brand.