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  • Midtowne Spa Downtown, Los Angeles
  • 1350 Club Wilmington


  • Mangoagogo
    Mangoagogo reviewed Melrose Spa Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Ok but not all the time
    So I have been to this spa quite a few times and there isn't always a decent amount of ppl here. One day there was just three ppl in there including myself. Another minus is the floor attendant ( the old Latino) he is super creepy and follows me around asking me to play with him. Otherwise the club is alright when it crowded. Good looking hung business men go ther from around the globe. I met a couple from the uk whose accent was super sexy. So this club is ok at times but not always.

  • Mangoagogo
    Mangoagogo reviewed Midtowne Spa Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Someone for everyone
    I went like at 12 pm and there was a decent amount of ppl here. Only one was cute and asked me to go to his room in the second floor. Before we made it to his room he showed me around the club. There is a dark, creepy and really quiet basement which has a bed with bars around it making it look like a prison. then there is the first floor which has a Pool and showers. Second floor there are a bunch of rooms and the locker section. The third floor has a tv lounge, food section, and more rooms. The roof has a "maze" thats it. So this really cute forty yr old white male in black briefs takes me to his room away from distractions. HE WAS REALLY CUTE and a bit shorter than me but made up for it with a big "hu ha". After having fun with him I showered And left with a big smile on my face

  • Mangoagogo
    Mangoagogo reviewed 1350 Club Over a year ago
    Hates it

    It's fun
    I had my way with three guys in one hour. All older I must say but it was good.