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  • Bar Taboo The Village/Le Village, Montreal
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    MaineMan reviewed Bar Taboo Over a year ago
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    Taboo is back!
    I had last visited Taboo in the spring of 2006. At that time it seemed to be going downhill. But after closing for a bit, renovations, a new owner and management it's back to its old self. This review is for my visit in late September of 2012. The bar still features younger guys but not the muscle guys like Campus or Stock. The place is very warm and friendly. The dancers are attentive but not all over you. Dances are $10 or $20 and are more private than they used to be. There is still no cover charge or drink minimum. I was very happy to see that my favorite dancer, Diego, was still there. He was bartending the night we arrived but he remembered us and came right over to say hello. It had been six years. On the weekend he was a dancer. His private dances were as sexy and sweet as ever. If you remember the old days, you might remember Jerry, a waiter there. He is now the owner and has restored the bar to what it was in its heyday. I have traveled quite a bit and there really are no nude male dance bars like this anywhere. Montreal is unique. If you enjoyed the bar in the old days, you will like it now. If you've never been there, be sure to give it a try.