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  • MSlant
    MSlant reviewed Boxers HK Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Previously, I've visited Boxers HK on a few occasions, and the experience was generally a positive one. The bar personnel were very friendly, and the ambiance was pleasant. However, my most recent visit, the first Saturday in May 2013 at about 11:45 pm, was a great disappointment. As opposed to my previous visits, the bar's lighting was reduced to almost nothing and the music was way too loud. Particularly in the lounge section near the entrance, there was the deafening sound of a drag queen shouting over "music" that sounded like shrill noise. My ears actually hurt. Not surprising to me, that area of the bar was completely vacant. Why did the bar make these changes? When people go out to social venues, they want to see others and be seen by others. While the lighting should not, of course, be unduly harsh or intense, it does require sufficient soft lighting. Also, soft lighting creates a warm ambiance. It creates mood. And, the music should not be painfully loud. The excessive darkness and deafening sound creates a sense of one's alienation from other patrons, since seeing others and engaging in conversation is compromised. These points are just common sense and, in the end, also make business sense. What was the bar's management thinking? So, my friend and I decided not to buy drinks, stayed only twenty minutes and then walked out. One point to note, however, is that I still found the staff to be quite friendly (as they are also at the downtown Boxers).

  • MSlant
    MSlant reviewed Gym Sportsbar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    I don’t recommend this place. The Bar’s management opposes any display of affectionate behavior among the patrons. To wit, my buddy was asked by the management to stop giving me a foot rub (the sneakers were off but the socks remained on). It should be noted that this is not an upscale establishment where more discreet conduct would be expected. It is, rather, a no-frills, casual attire, smallish neighborhood gay bar. So, after we finished our drinks and were on our way out of the bar, I stopped before the exit and confronted the apparently not-so-intelligent, middle aged, heavy set, Irish looking door person who followed up on the request made to my buddy by a bar hand. I told him that he has a bad attitude. His response was that “this is a sports bar.” Presumably, his concept of a sports bar is one that should be patronized only by heterosexual males whose sole purpose is to watch and discuss sports. I told him how incredibly ridiculous and out-of-touch with reality his comment was, that my buddy’s and my behavior was benign compared to other acts of affection commonly engaged in by patrons in gay bars, that his bad attitude does not make business sense (not only losing my business but that of friends who would meet me there) and that we will never patronize that bar again.