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  • O'Grady's Gay Village, Toronto
  • Big Fat Burrito Downtown, Toronto
  • Sneaky Dee's Little Italy / Palmerston, Toronto


  • LoretteCLuzajic
    LoretteCLuzajic reviewed Big Fat Burrito Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Mouthwatering Burritos!
    The Big Fat Burrito is a cleaner, trendier “hole-in-the-wall” in Toronto’s colourful, queer friendly Kensington Market district. The burritos, all under ten bucks, are worth traveling the globe for. The massive thing comes with rice, avocado, peppers and endless fresh vegetarian ingredients, or all of the above plus chicken, beef, or heavenly pulled pork. It’s your option to sprinkle with chipotle sauce or a highly addictive neon green hot sauce that will remove a layer from the roof of your mouth. Whether you’ve never relished the burrito or are a diehard Tex Mex fan, this one will show up in your dreams and you’ll have to come back to Toronto for it.

  • LoretteCLuzajic
    LoretteCLuzajic reviewed Sneaky Dee's Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Home of the Nacho
    Over two decades of indie music, cheap brew on tap, and the best nachos, potato skins, and black bean soup anywhere. Sneaky Dees still harbours a reputation for brawls and such, and it’s true that the late night crowd can be rough and tumble, usually broke locals relishing the impossibly low liquor prices. The place is a dive of the best sort- endless graffiti, to which you’ll add your own if you can find a Sharpie, and murals of skeletons. But somehow the testosterone palace has become a mixed-crowd draw for stringy musicians, vegetarian dyke sorts, and heavily pierced art fags and hairdressers to throw back the tequila and feast on hand cut fries. Forget it if you’re easily alarmed, clean cut, conservative, or expect quick kiss-ass service, ‘cause you won’t find it. But if it’s adventure, edge, and food too good to believe you want at bargain basement prices, see you there.

  • LoretteCLuzajic
    LoretteCLuzajic reviewed Mi Mi Vietnamese Over a year ago
    Loves it

    I Dream of Mi Mi
    I do not know how I existed before discovering Mi Mi’s. By all appearances, it’s no different one way or another from all the other Vietnamese or Asian restos in Toronto. But congregants from the gay church around the corner and in the east end are militant regulars, and Sunday lunching is a strict part of local routine. We cannot live without the best BBQ pork in the world, rolled into rice wraps with mint, basil, and sweet fish sauce, or piled atop a bed of bean sprouts and rice noodles. The food gives new meaning to fresh. It’s an odd mix of Vietnamese families and gaggles of gays. The former enjoy all manner of strange intestines in spicy soup. The latter stick with the unforgettable pork and the thick Vietnamese coffee. The place is nothing really to look at, but clean and always bustling. The service is amazing. And the food is practically free.

  • LoretteCLuzajic
    LoretteCLuzajic reviewed Old Original Nick's Roast Beef Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Right at Home at the Old Nick
    Old Nick is a mixed hangout east of the gaybourhood, where those who live nearby congregate for beer, chicken wings, and sometimes a bit of bluegrass. Lesbian owned, down to earth, great fries: the Old Nick is a middle-of-the-road, typical pub. Still, there’s something to be said for a place where you feel at home, and I’m there, along with other writers, and comedians from the ad lib theatre across the street, at least once a week.

  • LoretteCLuzajic
    LoretteCLuzajic reviewed Spirits Bar & Grill Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Keep up your Spirits!
    Spirits is a low-key straight-friendly pub located in the north side of Toronto’s gaybourhood. It’s usually packed with faithful regulars, and popular in summertime for their handful of patios. Famous for comedy night, karaoke, fish and chips and a nice draft selection, everyone feels welcomed. Nightly half-price specials, and amazing chicken wings.

  • LoretteCLuzajic
    LoretteCLuzajic reviewed The Keg Steakhouse Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Hail Haunted Caesars!
    Located just a block from the heart of gay Canada, by chance this meat lover’s mansion has a highly visible gay clientele. That’s fine, because the steaks are just as wonderful as any Keg location, and the Bloody Caesars are the best I’ve ever had, and the garlic shrimp appetizer is mouthwatering, and because the mansion is one of Canada’s most haunted hotspots. But be forewarned that this is where all the thirtysomething post-divorce business class breeders come looking for their second chance, especially upstairs in the informal lounge area, where the men put down their briefcase and unknot their ties. Still, breeders are people too, and they seem happy to share their barstools and comfy upholstery. It’s also the most gorgeous Keg location, in a real mansion. Sadly, they’ve built a gas station out front, which detracts from the visual splendour. But the waiters will tell you all about the resident ghosts.

  • LoretteCLuzajic
    LoretteCLuzajic reviewed O'Grady's Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Martini Madness
    The kitchen is always open until at least two a.m. and the patio is enormous, and there’s free pool, so really, Martini Monday is just a bonus. Striving to be the epitome of ‘local’ in the heart of queer Toronto, O’Grady’s boasts a girl party with special DJs early Wednesday evenings, Bear Night on Fridays, and sport team appreciation Thursdays! Summers just wouldn’t be right without O’Grady’s deep fried pickles, lemon hummus dip, or the grilled zucchini and Swiss cheese sandwich. But the most fun is making your way through the martini menu- my faves are the Bitter Queen, the Havana Whore, the Southern Belle, and the Candy Apple.