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  • Levi501
    Levi501 reviewed Arq Over a year ago
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    An absolute disgrace to the LGBTQ community, which they falsely claim to support. At a time when our community needs to stand together to get the equal rights we deserve, ARQ seems to forget that it is our community that has helped keep them in business for 18 years. I, like other people who left reviews, was kicked out by an arrogant bouncer who wanted to get his quota of kicking people out - and yes, I was stone cold sober (who would want an overpriced drink served by drugged up bar staff?). Sat on the bottom of the stairs for a sec, and the security guard pinched my arm so hard it left a bruise and told me to "get the hell out". After repeatedly asking for an explanation, he wouldn't give one and told me to "step out". You guys are a complete disgrace to our community and should be ashamed of yourselves. Your false narrative of supporting and standing by the LGBTQ community in this time that requires solidarity is something to be ashamed of. Luckily, one look at the very average crowd size, it's not hard to see ARQ it's on it last legs. With the lock out laws, and the closure of Midnight Shift, and the decline of Sydney's nightlife, it's only a matter of time before this place closes (and rightly so). Judging by the amount of drug infected persons ARQ turns a blind eye to (and by turning a blind eye to, actually supports drug use), it's easy to see where ARQ makes their money - not through the sale of drinks. A true disgrace to the LGBTQ community. I wouldn't waste my money or time at this dying, has-been venue.