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  • Marriott Resort & Casino Condado, San Juan


  • LetItRide
    LetItRide reviewed Marriott Resort & Casino Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Plan to return.
    On a recent trip I stayed 3 nites at El Convento and 3 nites here, at Marriott. Ocean view room and view was awesome. Not a luxurious place but fitting for a Marriott Hotel. Clean and comtemporary. Every single employee was professional and helpful aside for one. (I was waiting for the next desk person to help me and take a letter for the mail and she was looking at me and gossiping on the phone in Spanish. Evidently she did not think I understood what she was saying, however, I am fluent in Spanish.. she continued a personal phone call for several minutes before interrupted her for service) Every single other employee went out of their way for me.. delivering a fridge to the room, checking my internet connection, etc.. Good maid service, NIce bar and casino in the lobby. I think it is the nicest Hotel in CONDADO. I prefer Condado to Isla Verde. Much more to do, more restaurants, clubs, etc.. Nice beachs. Good mixed clientle at Marriott. Plan to return this summer.

  • LetItRide
    LetItRide reviewed Atlantic Beach Hotel and Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Horrible tourist trap... Beware!
    Several years ago I used to enjoy the outside bar, during the day.. today, even that is terrible. Poor managed site. FILTHY. Roaches. Against my advice my friend booked a weekend stay here.. When I went to see him I was NOT permitted to go up to his room. You'd think a dive like this would have changed the 'no visitors or hookups in guest rooms allowed' policy to save themselves. They have not. You PAY for a room and ur not permitted to take anyone you may meet up to the room, let alone friends, family etc.. not staying in the room. His bathroom was full of mold and a mouse entered and exited via the gap in the window sill. He had to forfeit his paid room and relocate to the Marriott as the management did nothing to appease him. The employees are rude and sarcastic to your face while smirking at you. This place should have been closed by authorities long ago. Seedy, low rent clientle and owners. I hear it is a tax write off for the owner who prefers it running at a loss. (My friend is in real estate there). Shame.. such a good location and such a waste of space.