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  • Rainbow Cabaret/Playhouse Theatre Drew Park, Tampa
  • The Tampa Men's Club Drew Park, Tampa
  • Lee34691
    Lee34691 reviewed Rainbow Cabaret/Playhouse Theatre Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Due for a Total Makeover
    This is the most ramshackle cesspit of a bathhouse I have ever encountered. It was bad when I first discovered it 8 years ago but now it is beyond ruin. Start at the front doors--they are rusted through and falling off the hinges. The inner "security" door, consisting of a piece of plywood and a pipe, is a pathetic joke. Inside, most of the lockers are busted out and will not latch. The TV in the lounge does not work and the vending machines are only half a step behind, often empty or failing to deliver after taking money. One short, balding attendant is rude, crude and a total discouragement at his best--try calling on the phone to find out how totally malevolent he can be! The entire interior is a leaking, drafty old barn dressed with leftover debris from a thrift store refuse pile. Mold, mildew and grime are everywhere. Patrons no longer are. Gay Tampa has the most horrible and exploitative bathhouse scene in the U.S.. Utterly disgraceful.

  • Lee34691
    Lee34691 reviewed The Tampa Men's Club Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Expensive and Deceptive Waste
    Remarks about the fake reviews here? Lots of fakes but they are the good reviews. Look how many are overwhelmingly five stars. Really? I suspect the owners or management are posting fake reviews just like the decoy cars in the parking lot--some there so long the tires are going flat. I got fooled for the last time on New Year's Eve when the owner had cars from a neighboring used car lot out front. Looked like a hot crowd until I paid big money and went inside--I was practically alone! Never again. Trickery and deceit are not methods of ethical management. Cut the prices in half and tow the derelict cars so we can see how busy you really are. Then, maybe, it would be worth considering a visit. Until then, I think I can find more action at the funeral home around the corner.