60M. Married to the man of my dreams in Ontario, May, 2006. Recently visited Lauderdale again. Maybe I've just been there once too often, but it seems tired of itself.

Lansing, Michigan
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  • The Dunes Resort Douglas
  • Worthington Guesthouse Fort Lauderdale Beach, Fort Lauderdale


  • LauderdaleRegular
    LauderdaleRegular reviewed The Dunes Resort Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Fun, depending on your mood...
    The Dunes runs the gambit. It has a sleezy side, and a more luxurious side. The pool and dance floor are the best attractions at this place, while the "dunes rooms" remind me of early bath houses. Great for an overnight road trip.

  • LauderdaleRegular
    LauderdaleRegular reviewed Worthington Guesthouse Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Pretty Good
    We actually stayed at the Alcazar, next door. We lucked out and had to use the facilities at the Worthington because they were installing a new pool at Alcazar. The amenities at the Worthington are pretty darned nice. The pool and hot tub and overall friendliness of the other guests were above expectations. The happy hour was only so so, since we think they watered down the drinks. The hosts (owners?) were easy to deal with and tried to be helpful. Overall we'd stay there again.

  • LauderdaleRegular
    LauderdaleRegular reviewed Elysium Resort Over a year ago
    Hates it

    I agree with all that I have heard on this resort. The property is fabulous. Neat and clean, well cared for, etc. But the staff and owners hovered over us like we were going to swipe something at any moment. Every time we touched something at breakfast, we were greeted with evil stares. The phrase "what are you doing?" was even uttered when my travel partner peeked into the fridge looking for milk. We were appalled. There are many guest houses in Ft Lauderdale where you will be treated better. Skip this one. I will.