Kasper Svensson, 28M. You need a man with a "bad boy" side who's sexy, fun, and never clingy. You're a rebel who plays by his own rules and isn't afraid to speak his mind. Life with you is never boring. You have a casual, laid-back style. But you're not afraid to "shake things up" occasionally. Your originality comes through in your clothes, music, and politics. Because you're an "outsider," you can't stand fakes and prefer to connect with intense, real men like yourself. You have a playful, sexy style and a bad boy charm that most men find irresistible. You are drawn to men who are spontaneous, bold, and never fake. At first glance, you're very different from your ideal man. However, you share a laid back attitude toward life, and you both tend to go with the flow. You're nicer and more trusting, while he'll tend to be more skeptical. He can help you be more assertive, and you can help them see the nicer side of humanity.

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