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  • LatinXStud
    LatinXStud reviewed Club Fort Lauderdale Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Customers may be treated with contempt
    I've been a long-time customer from that place. Some employees have worked there for years and are excellent. I am glad to see that for the most part, they manage to hire and retain employees. Over time, I managed to get to somewhat know some of the employees that have been there for years, and a couple are great employees. Now here comes the bad news, there is one exception. This one particular employee works overnight. I have attempted in the past to establish some sort of rapport with this guy, whenever it happened that I had to have some interaction with him (i.e., extending my time or checking out), but he frankly just acts like a felon. He is negative and confrontational. This employee just reeks unhappiness and disgust at the people that come to that place. He treats the customers with apathy and thus, really should not be working in customer service. Regardless of this being a bath-house, there should be some sort of people-skills, when working in that environment. I must post this here (despite the guidelines) as there appears to be no other way to get the attention of management about this. I have complained about him in the past to no avail.