Anthony Marrero, 31M. Moving to orlando by the end of the summer looking for some friends

Hartford, Connecticut
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  • LGBT+ Center Orlando Downtown, Orlando
  • Exhibit X New Haven


  • LatinLeo
    LatinLeo reviewed Exhibit X Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Center Street
    This is place is so much fun on friday its usually a mixed crowd of gays and Lesbians...The music is mix of everything. The DJ is so good is gonna keep you on your feet. The crowd is so much fun and a lot of hot people...If your ever in new haven on a friday...Center Street is the place to go

  • LatinLeo
    LatinLeo reviewed Empire Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Gotham Citi
    If your gonna go here come on a Saturday because is the only day for gay night. Its mostly guys and its soooo much fun. If you like techno of course which most gay people stop at two but then the bottom floor open at two and stays open till four in the morning...Always new faces and if you wanna have a good time on a saturday this is the place to go

  • LatinLeo
    LatinLeo reviewed Polo Club Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Polo Club
    Its a fun place if your new in town...but if your a resident over time it gets boring because you see the same people everytime and sometime the DJ is not so great. So in a way its a gamble because sometime the music is great but sometimes not... If your gonna go on a friday is Latin Night...If your gonna go on Saturday is a mix night but mostly techno...Hope this helps