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    Suckfest limp @ Steamworks
    My partner & I went to Steamworks Sat, Jan 12th to see what kind of activity Steamworks could put together from the advertised times of 3-6pm. The Suckfest webpage banner appeared on several of the different Steamworks locations so we thought it might be good because it was a company-wide event. Fat chance! Although we were told upon entering that there were about 35 guys there, I counted 14 different guys. You know it was bad if I had time to count! There were no organized events, no patronage and no employees present to run a program. So I guess Steamworks is like George Bush- if you call something Suckfest enough times, it will become that thing. Not only were the ment that were there by most terms overweight, Steamworks has changed all the lights to red bulbs and its even darker than before. Guess thats the strategy when you're not getting hot men into your failing business. I'll give it one star because it was warmer inside than on the street. Next time we're in the mood, we're heading to Club Z!