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  • LVH
    LVH reviewed Heretic Over a year ago
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    Rude First Impression
    Atlanta is a great, friendly city where me and my partner always feel welcomed. However, the front door staff (biological woman specifically) at the Heretic this past Sunday evening greeted us with a rude attitude. Hey - I don't expect a red carpet to be rolled out for me but I do expect, at a minimum, a 'thank you' or 'have fun tonight' in exchange for my dollars to patronize an establishment. And I am old enough to know that most Heretic patrons may not even care how they are treated. Bartenders at least said "thanks' when charging $5 for small cocktail. My advice to Heretic Mgt - much of your 'competition' doesn't even charge a cover. If you are taking people's hard earned money, EARN it! Dont assume you deserve it just for opening your doors.