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    KevinA reviewed Swinging Richards Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Unbiased review from out of town traveler
    I was told SR was one of the places to check out because there are very few places like it in the US, or in the world for that matter so who wouldn't right? I got dropped off by a cab and ran into a guy sitting in a chair in front of the club asking me for 3$, I was like I thought cover was 10$ tonight he said NOTHING so I go ahead and gave him 5 and told him to keep the change. I walk in the club and a very nice guy welcomed me, asked for my ID and 10 dollars cover. I told him I paid outside and then he informed me that was for my took a cab and he saw me get out of one right in front of him. So I went outside and got my money back from a douche and told him that was a bad first impression, he just smirked. Well every place has a bad apple or two right? I walk in the club and it truly was something different and unique. Guys were naked, flirtatious, easy on the eyes it was a gay heaven. Drinks were super strong and worth the price, one sufficed for me I kept sipping slowly with some water because I don't drink often which results in low tolerance. First thing that rubbed me the wrong way was manager/pimp Matt kept yelling at girls and people not tipping. Of course you want to encourage people to participate but there is better way to come across than calling people FAT, UGLY, WHITE TRASH etc. I felt like I was in the middle of a fight, uncomfortable and awkward. I turn to couple of girls and apologized to them for Matt's behavior ensuring them that he does not represent gay men in general. One of them told me she knew him personally and learned to tolerate him but if you take every negative stereotype of gay men and wrap it into one you get Matt. She said it was ironic because on his FB page he will belittle overweight and older people yet that was a big percentage of his clientele. He is not aging gracefully so he abuses his position to mingle with young hetereoflexible boys thinking he's still got it. Then come the dancers, oh boy where do we start, I guess we can with con artist, stay away from ...well most of them...they will lie about the number of dances they provide, offer drugs and sex for extra money, watch out for Sean, and David they are the worst! One in particular that stood out as predatory towards women was Czech guy who went by Dani. In PRIVATE dace he told me how he didn't like working in Miami club because of all Latinos and tonight was slow because black people only tipped black dancers and they never have any money. I WAS APPALLED! But it doesn't end there, he kept going from girl to a girl asking to "give them a ride, and at closing time he kept pulling up by girls waiting a cab to take them home. One day I run into him jogging in park and this one girl stopped to get some water out of fountain he kept following her around and trying to talk to her despite her having headphones on! So I kept getting dances from different guys hoping I'll find a decent guy that will not offer me anything illegal but that never happened. I did find out that most of them are married, got girlfriends and play on the side, and when I asked about Bliss one of them told me" THAT'S WHERE ALL THE TWINKY FAGS WORK THAT GOT AIDS. I dropped $600 on drink, tips, dances etc and really wanted to take it in and get the experience that I got at female strip clubs but this place is a huge waste of time and money and it was my first and last time here. Don't believe me? By all means check it for yourself and learn the hard way. Next visit I will check out Bliss.