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  • Stonewall Downtown, Orlando


  • JulianBain
    JulianBain reviewed Stonewall Over a year ago
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    The "Friendliest" place in town!
    Stonewall is literally the neighborhood bar where everybody knows your name! From day one the owner insisted that "'Everyone is always Welcome" at his bar, that It is your "Home away from Home!" He has passed that positive welcoming energy on, over the past nearly six years, to his entire staff. Until Stonewall, I had never even heard of a bar where the bartender gave you a hug when you entered and left. It makes a difference! This "Little Bar That Could" is proof positive that Great things happen to good people. After several years in a row of sweeping the local Gay Awards (Watermark paper's Wave Awards) and growing by leaps and bounds, they are actually having to add on to the space to accomodate the throngs of guests who want to make Stonewall Orlando their, "Home Away from Home!" Ex-Entertainment Manager and 'Stonewall Family' member for life...Julian Bain