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  • Just John Forest Park Southeast, St. Louis
  • Grey Fox Pub Tower Grove East, St. Louis
  • Bastille Soulard, St. Louis
  • Rehab Saint Louis Manchester Avenue, St. Louis


  • Juicebox
    Juicebox reviewed JJ's Clubhouse & Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    G R O S S
    Bottom line!!!! Gay or straight there is no reason to STINK to high hell! A few times I have been here with friends the guys are dirty-smelly-some of them looked like they have not showered in days! This is not being a bear! This is being lazy and not taking care of person hygiene.If this is the way you appear in person, I would hate to see how a lot of the guys that go here live! Just disgusting! :(

  • Juicebox
    Juicebox reviewed Rehab Saint Louis Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Just Sad!!!! :(
    What has become of St.Louis gay bars? Why is there so much negative attitude between gay people!Just for example-this bar! So much nasty negative energy from the people who work here and a lot of the guys that go here! I am considered very attractive and I don t walk around giving attitude to anyone! But a lot of the people here in my opinion are not attractive and yet full of hate and bitterness! I even brought some awesome people in from out of town to check out the Gay St.Louis Scene and they were disgusted with the gay people here! St Louis gay scene has gone down hill! I am starting to think it is more fun to fly somewhere else for a great nightlife! Just not here anymore! :(

  • Juicebox
    Juicebox reviewed Just John Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Great Drinks!
    I like to stop in for a drink from time to time!Bartenders here do make nice cocktails!Music here is great too.The guys here varies from average to hot.There are not hot guys here all the time.They come in very late on the weekends!A lot of the guys here are plain,nothing to really look at.But they are nice to chat with and play darts with.Very nice patio outside in the back of the bar.Check it out.This bar is close to four other bars in the area.All in walking distance. :)

  • Juicebox
    Juicebox reviewed Grey Fox Pub Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Drag Show here is Fun!
    If you like drag shows come check this bar out.Friday and Saturday are the best nights!There is a show on Sunday but it s not worth checking out.Boring.This is a small bar but can be a lot of fun on the weekends.Guys here are so-so when it comes to looks so don t expect to see hotties walking around.Maybe one to two here sometimes.A great place to bring a group of friends when bar hopping! :)

  • Juicebox
    Juicebox reviewed Bastille Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Nice bar fun to place darts at!