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  • 23rd St Station Galveston


  • JoelDarrenCook
    JoelDarrenCook reviewed 23rd St Station Over a year ago
    Hates it

    People... out of the 4 gay bars on the island, I would rank it dead last in class. Its a B.Y.O.B gay bar adjacent to a convenient store and child day care in a shopping strip. The parking lot has drug raids all the time, it is quite the crack head hang out. Being BYOB brings a frugal clientele as well as people with not a cent to their name. Never a good thing. Hustlers are bound to hit you up. Am I bitter? Perhaps just a little. I prefer a classier group. Third Coast, Stars and Roberts Lafitte are much nicer hangouts.... Enjoy your stay in Galveston just avoid this bar at all cost. For your safety.