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  • All Worlds Resort Warm Sands, Palm Springs
  • Jetecoute
    Jetecoute reviewed All Worlds Resort 4 months ago
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    Fun in the Sun
    My husband and I have been coming to Palm Springs every time the first cold front clips in here in Canada. We go just to get one more day in of sun before we become covered in snow. All Worlds is a great destination for us, we like to lay in the sun, tan, swim, and be comfortable as a gay couple. In fact, we feel like every day is the honeymoon we always dreamed of since we met 15 years ago. Normally we don't feel compelled to leave any detailed feedback but we had such a good time. We often check Gay Cities site when we travel to see what the bars and restaurants are like. Since we were staying at All Worlds we were shocked to see the comment regarding the missing money and the implication it was an staff member. In fact we found the exact opposite behaviour: the staff was so nice and ernest and the other guests were having the same great time we were. They were all dissent people. We can only assume the "sketchy" character described in the review was a “date gone bad.” It could not have been anyone with whom we came in contact be it a guest or anyone of the staff. The resort is really clean and always attracts interesting people from all over the world. Perfectly lovely holiday - Thanks!