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  • PT's 1109 Vista, Columbia
  • JayFay
    JayFay reviewed PT's 1109 Over a year ago
    Loves it

    A Saving Grace
    After being turned away from the L-word, my friends and I went straight to this place. The bartender was much more kind and willing to serve you a drink. The atmosphere was dark but had a nice deck that you can sit at. The drag show was very entertaining and they were very sweet. My girls and I had a blast.

  • JayFay
    JayFay reviewed The L Word Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Memberships for a small bar?
    I arrived to this bar one Saturday night with some of my girlfriends. The bar had one of the most depressing atmosphere I've ever seen. I still went in figuring I would still have a few drinks with my girls and have a little bit of fun, WRONG! We were stared at the whole time and when the bartender finally came to us we were turned away for not being members. There was no sign that states members only and nor was there someone at the door checking for memberships.... I think the bartender just was being judgemental and didn't want us to be there so she makes up to this members only excuse to get anyone she doesn't like out. Please save yourself the embarrassment and find a different place if you want to actually drink and have fun.