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  • Hard On (at Bloc South) Vauxhall, London
  • The Vault Central, London
  • SBN/NBN (at Mirror Arch, Fire) Vauxhall, London
  • JamesVauxhall
    JamesVauxhall reviewed Hard On (at Bloc South) 8 months ago
    Loves it

    Love it
    New venue works really well. Good atmosphere. Always some really lovely people. You can tell a lot of work goes into making the night, and it really pays off. It continues to be without question one of the best nights out you can have in London.

  • JamesVauxhall
    JamesVauxhall reviewed SBN/NBN (at Mirror Arch, Fire) 8 months ago
    Loves it

    An afternoon of romance ....
    Definitely not the place to go if you're after a bit of romance of a Sunday afternoon. However if you like slings, and dark rooms and hot men running round with their spanners hanging out you'll love it. The place is big, dark, well equipped for the activities at hand and there are guys across a range of ages and types a plenty. Its one of those places you always hoped existed but never really though did. The whole place is really relaxed. There aren't loads of rules, or things you have got to do, or shouldn't ever do. The staff are really straightforward, friendly and helpful. You can just roll up, strip down and throw yourself into the fun. It is definitely THE place to have fun in London on a Sunday afternoon.