Larry Tiblier, 55. Let me start by stating.. What I DON'T like: With this exception; if you can travel and are willing to come to me or live within one state on either side of me, then this doesn't apply: I Don't do Long Distance Relationships..not going to happen and I sure as hell ain't wasting my time or energy talking to someone when I know I can't hold you at night, go to dinner, a movie or even socialize with my friends.. NSA..FWB..and Quickies are not in my vocabulary so don't even go there. What I like: LTR's ..BEARS, Cowboys, Otters and Silver Daddies. Down-to-Earth, intelligent or semi-intelligent, goofy, funny, brash or Have-No-Filter, people. If I get bored I will make myself the center of attention and this rarely ever happens. I can embarrass myself or anyone else just to get a laugh or get people talking. I only do this if I know relatively the people or places that I'm at. Cliquish groups, fashionistas, or anyone else that isn't friendly to others; best steer clear; I'm liable to bitch slap your ass and make you eat the floor if I think so much that your blabbering mouth is directed at me or my friends. Oh, My! Did I mention the Grizzly Momma in me..you don't want to find out

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