Jackii-Quinn Ferris, 32M. Im complicated. I am technically a female but I have 2 sides to me, I embrace myself as a girl and a boy. Hence I prefer to be called "Quinn". Im a hopeless romantic, 2 kids with my hubby of 9 years, Im an open books, very creative/artistic/unique love anything horror and yes I dig certain chick flicks LMAO. I'll put my love personality into that of the Twilight Series. I'm romantic like Edward, protective like Jacob. I treat my girls the way Bella is treated :] I'm that guy/girl that seems to be the one always being used in female relationships. I'm actively seeking something serious in 1-2 ways, either a girlfriend for me AND my hubby or 2) a girlfriend that is fine with me having a hubby (girls this DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO BE INVOLVED IN ANYTHING ROMANTIC UNLESS WANTED), a girl that understands I'm female in body but personality/dress wise am a female and male, and a girl that loves/accepts children for I have 2 and they are my world. A girl that's not afraid to take pictures with me, show a relationship status on internet site's, be affectionate in public. Hopefully likes cats because I have 10 of them!!! I have a huge heart, as a FB test said about me: "I too nice to do something evil-sorta-, I'm sensitive but at the same time a strong willed fighter, I am a born guardian, and I'm authentic-direct-open" Its hard for people like me to find relationship with GENUINE females (as in don't use you for attracting guys attention) because of my lifestyle. A common misconception about my lifetyle--girls when I have A GIRLFRIEND, that is my ONLY GIRLFRIEND. I am not "polo". I want one guy, one girl, and I'm looking for a forever. Which even means if comfortable, living with me, hubby and kids is my ultimate goal as part of a big happy family. I'm very honest, a little too honest and open, but I figure it's better to not beat around the bush. I'm into music, conerts, art, trips, dancing, photography, ANYTHING artistic, doing family stuff and stuff with my kids, movies, sushi/pho/stir-fry/steak, going to coffee, musicials/plays, bars are "alright" :] Love walks and nature, I am pagan as far as religion goes. I don't do drugs, just prescribed medications. I dont judge people either. I drink ocassionally but I am a long time tobacco smokers. Anything else you wanna know look me up on FB-Jackleen Ferris or email me at [email protected]! I look forward to meeting new friends too!

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  • Powerhouse SOMA, San Francisco
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  • Piranha Boutique Nightclub Paradise Fruit Loop, Las Vegas
  • Freezone Paradise Fruit Loop, Las Vegas
  • The Cuff Complex Capitol Hill, Seattle
  • The Saloon Downtown Minneapolis, Minneapolis