Jack Taylor, 63M. My partner, Mac and I have been in a loving, happy relationship for over twenty-five (25) years, and we both possess an acute sense of humour, with a healthy appreciation for sudoku, art and music. Mac and I led professional lives, however, we both were plagued with health problems, so we retired from work at an early age. Our current health is good, but we do need to stay on top of things. One of Mac and my favourite thing to do is spend our summers on our island at Lake Nipissing, Ontario, and when our health and budget permits, we enjoy spending the winter, (or part of it,) in a much warmer climate. When Mac and I are not at our summer home, we enjoy attending the theatre and films regularly and occasionally I even blog about these activities. Family and friends are a high priority to us, and we are always eager to increasing this related group when we travel . In the not so distant future, Mac and I would like to visit those cities and countries in Europe that we haven't yet had the pleasure of touring, such as, Italy, Germany and Spain, and one day, (hopefully soon,) we plan to visit Australia and New Zealand. If you think we may share an interest, (or if you would like to adopt us,) please get in touch, and I will respond directly. Take care, and stay healthy and happy.

Guelph, Canada
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