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  • C.C. Attle's Capitol Hill, Seattle


  • JSpyder
    JSpyder reviewed C.C. Attle's Over a year ago
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    Recently Deaf, treated badly
    I have recently gone deaf and had explained it to the bartender usually there on weekends. We have gone there for years for lunch every week. My condition has only gotten worse and I can no longer hear myself speak. This past weekend there were some people in the place and the bartender we usually deal with left early and this guy with tatoos on his back and thin, good looking with an attitude could not understand that I could not hear him. He would not serve me because I had trouble talking although I was with another person who explained what was wrong. With such bad treatment of a disabled person I would never recomend the place to anyone with hearing problems - these people just don't care. I was treated badly and would never return. It's my money and I will take it elsewhere.