42M. Born in the US from German/Scandinavian parents. Lived in several US cities, but always return to my familiar surroundings; Delray Beach, Boca Raton, or Ft. Lauderdale. Graduated with an Master's in business. But enjoy being a hell raiser, as opposed to an intellectual. I have exceptionally gifted, non-judgmental parents. My father graduated with a PhD in Mathematics. My mother a clinical psychologist. My sexuality was never an issue; nor a negative.

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    The Club’s exterior façade bears little reference to the actual disco. The dark morose purple/blue exterior lighting and décor is reminiscent of the Regine’s Disco thru the early 90’s, the rope chain, a classic Studio 54; to prevent VIP’s from coming in contact with the wannabes. The ones waiting in sub zero temperature for a change to be let in. On my first visit I arrived early, very dapper, and was quickly greeted by a lady with impeccable manners, and a voice deeper than Barry White. She complimented me on my clothing, and, surmised I was on business or vacation, and quickly ushered me in. I paid the entrance fee and there is a long hallway that promises to open up to a super disco place; NOT! The entire entrance is like smoke and mirrors to project. The actual dance floor, bar and bathroom combined on a lower second level floor must be less that 4K S.F. The sunken dance floor looked identical to a small circular underground swimming pool, surrounded by a small deck, and converted to a dance floor; That’s how small, and claustrophobic if looks. There is only one bar, and by luck it would be located at the extreme end of the circular deck. Getting a drink is a challenge, and I decided to get a VIP lounge; the size of a bathroom stall, not private, and bar service to the VIP section is glacial at best. The bartenders and some waiters had the disposition of angry, unfed alligators; maybe the attitude is part of the disco theme. One bathroom for all sexes, and is multi-tasking. It servers to relieve yourself, have a quick torrid soirée, offers to sell you drugs. I was even offered sex for monetary compensation; I think it’s called prostitution. Those Brits really know how to maximize bathroom down time!! The bathroom attendants are oblivious to all that’s going on, they will pull a napkin to clean your hands and expect a pound in return; a spray of men’s cologne will set you back 3 more pounds. People really drink in these places, and one guy got really drunk. Next thing I see is the charming lady that greeted me at the door almost hoisting the guy with one hand on the shoulder at putting out on the street, it looked like a scene from the Bionic woman. We became best friends. I went several times again, intrigued by the dichotomy of extremely charming lady, and the strength of a Sumo wrestler.