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    JLBrownBIZ reviewed Pulse (CLOSED) Over a year ago
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    Pulse Orlando Lot Attendant
    As a person, not as an African American, I want you to know how proud you should be of yourself for lying to those police last night just because you could not accept that I was able to park my car in the space you so dearly coveted. When you said to me, "You've bumped the car behind you four times" and I said, "Is that my limit" and chuckled, I was merely trying to make humor. I may have touched the cars in front and behind once each. I understand by the police report that you took it personally by lying to the police so they would stop me. You have successfully added a heaping, helping of misery to my life by lying. I can only imagine the vindictive joy you felt seeing me handcuffed and taken away by the police and to see my car searched and eventually towed. I hope you were able to capitalize on the parking space I vacated after having been parked for actually less than three minutes. I am never, ever amazed by how absolutely evil people are for the smallest reason. I will post this review multiple times throughout the World Wide Web.