42M. I will tell you Des Moines is a very gay unfriendly place as of my last year there, there is a chief of police and her group that have sold out to be a private organization (.org e-mail addresses included)...very unhelpful if you are a victim of crime, won't write out police reports, and the government although gay marriage was passed is HORRIBLE when it comes to trying to get help! It is what was once my favorite city, that is now hell on earth due to the horrid lack of law enforcement and gov

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  • Blazing Saddle East Village, Des Moines
  • The Garden East Village, Des Moines
  • Max, The Old Market District, Omaha


  • JHargs
    JHargs reviewed The Garden Over a year ago
    Hates it

    How many underaged trashed faggots can get into one horrible bar. Drugs galore, drunk older people out on the prowl looking for the underage group, dark and horrifying...Ugly twink skank in cages dancing...just a horrid place. The only good thing is one owner is a nice guy, but it's not even worth going to regardless of who owns it!

  • JHargs
    JHargs reviewed Blazing Saddle Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Been many years since I went out but...
    Very good bar...great staff...great Friday afternoons for Happy Hour...Nice people there...enough Eye Candy if you are looking for it. One of the prettiest drag queens in the US makes the Saddle her home and it's all just a good environment!

  • JHargs
    JHargs reviewed Max, The Over a year ago
    Hates it

    If you like the typical fag bars with NOTHING impressive at all, this is the place you will want to waste your time. If you are looking for something non-typical...don't waste the time...dive bar from hell with horrid techno...not one attractive person to be found! Traveled from Des Moines and went out with my ex-boyfriend...it was the worst bar I had been to in years!