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Chicago, Illinois
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  • Saloon1 Duval Street, Key West
  • Halsted's Bar and Grill Boystown, Chicago
  • Andies Restaurant Andersonville, Chicago
  • Pingpong Lakeview, Chicago
  • Melrose Diner Boystown, Chicago
  • Nine One Five Duval Street, Key West
  • JC_Chicago
    JC_Chicago reviewed Nine One Five Over a year ago
    Loves it

    My Favorite KW Restaurant
    Have the shrimp; everything has been wonderful. The porch seating is also great.

  • JC_Chicago
    JC_Chicago reviewed Halsted's Bar and Grill Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Best Burgers in Boystown, ALWAYS Fun, Great Patio
    I TOTALLY disagree with those who say the service and 'qualety' isn't good. I've never had bad service, or long waits- and I usually go on weekends. Their burgers are the best in Boystown (they even beat the newcomer tequila place who promotes their burgers). Other comfort food is great (meatloaf), you must ALWAYS get the Tater Tots. They have some lighter fare- wraps are very good, chicken sandwiches too. And, killer salads- I have them often in summer, sitting on the Awesome patio in back. Really, I've never had a bad experience here- the bar indoors is relatively quiet most times even though people are enjoying themselves, I'm not a fan of really loud places. Most tables give a good view of what's going on- the ones by the front windows have great people watching on Halsted. And, they don't lie- the CUTEST staff on Halsted, I don't know how they keep getting them. And really friendly! As for drinks, I usually try one of their vodka or martini specials (blueberry vodka+lemonade!), so the beer selection isn't crucial- but they do have Goose Island selections and Leinenkugels, so not bad. All around, a very comfortable, unpretentious, FUN place for food or drinks.

  • JC_Chicago
    JC_Chicago reviewed Pingpong Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great food, cool atmosphere, bring your friends
    I keep coming back for the food. My fave is PingPong Chicken- chicken w/walnuts (Peking Chicken at some places). Also crab rangoon to die for. I've loved every dish I've tried. Atmosphere- sometimes it gets so loud at prime time (8:30-10) that you have to shout across the table- but it's better in the summer with the doors open. I think you get very good value too for Boystown. And the staff is always attentive, not intrusive.

  • JC_Chicago
    JC_Chicago reviewed Andies Restaurant Over a year ago
    Hates it

    My partner and I went here after several friends told us how good it was. I have to disagree- the food was the- uh, least satisfying- of all the Middle East places I've tried in Chicago. Not bad, but completely unremarkable- not enough to bring us back. I've been three times with friends, each time the food was consistent- just very dull. I go to other Middle East places that I like, just not this one.

  • JC_Chicago
    JC_Chicago reviewed Melrose Diner Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Good at 3am- not so much other times
    If you need food after going out, go here. But every time I've been here during the day, I couldn't help thinking that I should have gone to one of the many better restaurants nearby. Melrose serves a purpose, but there are many better choices.