84. Came out in college in 58/59 and moved to NYC in 1960. Lived there for forty years before moving to Europe in January 2000. Have traveled a bit since then, and written and self-published a gay novel, "Like the Sun Rushing" - which you can check out on Amazon.com.

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  • Julius' West Village, New York


  • JC
    JC reviewed Julius' Over a year ago
    Hates it

    2nd oldest gay bar in NYC
    This bar was still trying make it as a straight bar in the mid-Sixties, despite having gay customers - trust me, I was a customer then. This was the reason the Sip-in was successful here, gay-identified customers from Mattachine were refused service. The Candle Bar uptown on West 74th and Amsterdam was operating at this time as a real gay bar - and is still operating as one. Julius's is okay for a nostalgia trip and burgers.