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  • 5801 Video Lounge & Cafe Shadyside, Pittsburgh
  • Club Pittsburgh Baths Downtown, Pittsburgh


  • J.r.G
    J.r.G reviewed 5801 Video Lounge & Cafe Over a year ago
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    Thirsty Thursdays
    ** YES, THIS IS A GAY BAR*** I don't get why some people think it's not!!!! 5801 is my personal favorite - but only on Thursdays when I join friends for happy hour. 6pm - 8pm BOGO appetizers and $3.50 Long Islands. It's good fun! It's one of the very few gay bars that renovates and brings forth a fresh new look. The new upstairs bar/outdoor patio is great! The only flaw is that the lower entry bar isn't smoke-free. Hope we can work on that. Out-of-towners, remember, PA anti-smoking laws are different than in other states, hence, why some of them still allow it. I don't like the Friday and Saturday nights - too clicky and snobby. Not cool. I don't understand some peoples' negative reviews. Reading them, it's clear, you have too much going on in your lives and you need to chill out. Their new patio is beautiful enough, you say? Wow, you have issues. Go to Lucky's, Brewers or Blue Moon and i guarantee it, you'll love 5801 much better.