27M. Hello all!! The name is Jake, I'm 19, and just a normal partying teen who loves the Detroit night life. Get to know me!!!

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  • Club Gold Coast Northside (8 mile), Detroit
  • ItsJakeBitch
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    No Gold on this Horizon
    All I have to say is seedy, seedy, seedy. Club Gold Coast--the area that it's in is horrific, just getting out of the car in the parking lot I thought I had to dodge bullets. There is valet parking in the barb-wire fenced in parking lot in front of the club, or if the club is packed you can "trust" the valet to put it in the parking lot across the street. Walking in, an older looking woman takes five dollars for cover. The bar is shrouded in darkness. The drinks are cheap, but bland. The dancers are somewhat hot, but I wouldn't get a dance from someone that snorts rails off the floor in the dressing room. The music is the thing that made me go a few more times. They play the best music. The dance floor is moderately sized, with a fully operating shower right in the middle so the strippers can bathe for the perverts. The crowd ranges from 18 to 60. The patio is alright, but I felt like I was in prison with the barbed wire hanging over me. There is another section of the bar that has pool, and gambling games, and a dark lap dance section in the back. Overall, if you are craving meth and a lap dance, Gold Coast is the place for you.