47M. i'm a total cumwhore.. but I want it to come from someone pretty.

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  • Club Fort Lauderdale Downtown, Fort Lauderdale
  • The Zone LA Hollywood, Los Angeles
  • F212 Steam Vancouver Vancouver


  • ILuvNerds
    ILuvNerds reviewed F212 Steam Vancouver Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Went during gay pride...
    and had all I could have.. and watched all I could watch.. and it was AMAZING. .. have I used amazing yet.. it was AMAZING!!!!

  • ILuvNerds
    ILuvNerds reviewed The Zone LA Over a year ago
    Loves it

    i love this place
    The nights are hit and miss.. sometimes its quality over quantity, sometimes its quantity over quality, but i ALWAYS get my rocks off. Remember it's a sex club.. no showers.. and the bathrooms aren't always super clean.. but if you want oral satisfaction there is no better place in LA. A wide range of both ages and races will make someone happy everytime they go! I do wish the management would re-design the website, it looks like it caters to a much more hard core crowd than has ever gone there.. they'd be better to cater to the afterbar twinks and 20's/30's.. it would get much busier.. and a re-design of unused space is something they USED to do on a regular basis.. but re-construction seems to have slowed down.

  • ILuvNerds
    ILuvNerds reviewed Club Fort Lauderdale Over a year ago
    Loves it

    an old style bathhouse/social club
    EVERY BATHHOUSE IN THE US SHOULD LOOK HERE... this is what they should be like. Amazingly clean, and well kept up. Attractive crowd... active steamroom. there was enough so taht when I come back to town.. I'll stop by