Jim Hoyas, 55M. Moved to ATL in September 2014 while going through a separation and divorce after a six year relationship with a wonderful man. Things simply couldn't come together. I got a new job that brought me here and I am excited to begin the next chapter. One of my closest friends from college lives here and has for over 23 years so that is a GREAT source of information and a bit of a safety net. I work hard to play hard. Love to travel -mainly on gay trips for I don't care to be a renegade when it comes to "hoping" where I go that everyone will be OK that I am gay. I took a "straight" cruise with my folks to Alaska -the last family trip before my father passed away. THAT made it special. But the kids and the stares...never again spending that kind of money. So I will be living in midtown and ready to LIVE ATLANTA!

Atlanta, Georgia
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