Henry Sutton, 35M. well im 6ft2in tall blue eyes black hair im fit and very very sexual anyone want me? i have an 8.5 inch cock fully hard and shave my entire body as well . im always up for a good time and really want to meet someone on the down low because i have a girlfriend but im 90% gay and a total submissive .. im really into boy types like me and transgenders most of all . im a total bdsm freak and a well trained slave . i want to be used as a sex slave . but i want to marry a man who likes orgies and going to swinger clubs and sex parties . i like toys and strapons and whips and handcuffs and rope excite me . my biggest turn on is oral . im willing to do porn and even escort . i just want to be taken care of and have fun in life . im a total slut and love to suck cock and be gagged . my few limits are is dont do shit play and i dont do golden showers other then that im yours to use and share . my turn offs include body hair sorry if you dont shave you dont got a chance with me unless you got other attibutes . i dont do drugs or drink . my yahoo is HenrySutton@yahoo.com or Alpha1Ikaros@aol.com if your interested . i live in eagle pass 140 miles west of laredo and 95 miles south of sanantonio .

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    hi im henry new to texas
    im south of san antonio in eagle pass about 90 miles next to del rio anyways im from florida and a was a male escort in hollywood california for several years i have been looking for a place like aci but i do not have a car and thexas gay community is so small would someone take me i promise im white 29 skinny but hot and i will make it worth yur while anyways if anyone is willing to take me hit me up at The_Killing_Frost@yahoo.com .. im a total slut and i want steady action all night and if your really good i may go home with you if your really good keep that in mind ..