Blake Gordon, 37M.

San Diego, California
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  • Club Try-Angles Central, Salt Lake City
  • Planet Fitness Central, Salt Lake City


  • Hamsandwizh
    Hamsandwizh reviewed Club Try-Angles Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Chill hang out spot
    This is a good place to go to chill with friends and hang out. Everyone is pretty friendly and/or keeps to themselves. The bartenders are all nice and friendly and the prices are good. They do have a dance floor but I've never seen any dancing on it but then again the latest I've been there on a weekend night was around 1030pm. I can't really make it on weekends very often so when I do go it's usually evening on a week day. Still a great little spot if you want to chill or hang out with friends. Also have a juke box with a lot of good song choices.

  • Hamsandwizh
    Hamsandwizh reviewed JAM Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Good place to dance
    This is a great spot to go dancing. Likely the best gay bar to dance at. I typically can only make it late Saturday nights but it's always crowded and pretty fun with no drama. There is not a lot of choices in SLC like I had in San Diego before I moved but this is my top spot to go dancing at and I def. recommend it!