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  • Bulldogs Midtown, Atlanta
  • Southern Nights Tampa Ybor City, Tampa


  • Hafdragon
    Hafdragon reviewed Bulldogs Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Had been at Bulldogs eight months earlier and enjoyed it much. Looked for parking for 40 minutes (no exaggeration) and FINALLY found a space 3 or 4 blocks away. WALKED in cold weather to Bulldogs and as I approached the door when someone opened the door and said, "We're closing." It was just less than one hour before closing time. WHO would like the place much after this happening to them? For me it felt like reverse-discrimination but I thought it would not be fair to other employees/ownership to not report what this door person was doing. So I called three times until I talked to a manager and explained the situation. I believe had I been admitted to enter--it would have been a great time as it was before!

  • Hafdragon
    Hafdragon reviewed Georgie's Alibi Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Tried It Here Five Times...YAWN! BORING!!!
    I have given Georgie's Alibi St. Pete FIVE chances to show me why anyone would want to be there. I have never stayed more than 12 minutes. Yes it's clean. It's not ugly. It's not so small. It seems to have a great sound system. The inside is large if you were to remove about 6 walls that make it seem like the inside of my house. It is, indeed, popular. Some nights are packed. But it bores me to tears...'why did I drive over here?' was my question each time I left. Mabe for you...but NOT for me!

  • Hafdragon
    Hafdragon reviewed Southern Nights Tampa Over a year ago
    Loves it

    HUGE club with TWO HUGE ROOMS each with different music/dj's! MANY young guys...many middle age guys...some older guys! The most handsome males in Tampa Bay! Only a five dollar cover charge. Moderately priced drinks. Big bathrooms with about 10 stalls/toilets in each one. Friendly bartenders and all of the staff from the front door people, the barbacks, security, etc... HARD dancing on the dance floors...these guys get it hot in here! I KNOW a great club when I visit one...and I love going to the G-Bar every time I visit Tampa! Parking is not so difficult, as there are several spaces all around and even a secure parking garage nearby. MUSIC is the most popular of today...very high-energy. Crowd is pretty friendly, too. Imagine one of the best New York clubs...with extremely friendly people. I love G-Bar!