47. Move here about ten years ago with my husbear. But do to work he move away a few years back. We still e-mail and talk and I all way keep his side of the bed clear. I get a lot of friends from SF and NYC visit me down here. They like it because I'm so close to where all the gay life is. My life right now it work to the gym and them home or I may hit the bar after the gym. Not dating any one right now. Guess I'm still hoping my bear will come back.

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  • The Hideaway Virginia Highlands, Atlanta
  • GymManAtl
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    Great for After Work or after Dinner
    Mostly a Quite little place. But good to go to if your had a bad day at the office or you don't want to sit in rush hour. A lot of Prof's go here for a after work drink.Lot's of married guys here too. Sometimes there some Leather here and VERY few to none Drag queens. But there is this one CD that go here. But he has no clue that most ever one laughing at him. Also there one bartender that a little slow on service. He black and usual has he's heading around and is slow at serving you.