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  • Bed & Breakfast du Village The Village/Le Village, Montreal


  • Gummo
    Gummo reviewed Bed & Breakfast du Village Over a year ago
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    Horrible experience at BBV
    We had a horrible experience with the owner, Philip, at the BBV this weekend. We booked a room for 4 nights at the BBV. We subsequently booked it for 2 nights, in Quebec City for 1 night, and the final night at the BBV. The owner, Philipe told us that we needed to book the room for 2 nights or 4 nights…so we opted for the 2 nights…Philipe told us that we had to take the 4 nights or nothing at this point..he claims that we misunderstood him…so we took the 4 nights…He called us back again in 2 minutes and told us that we were very rude people and that he was canceling our reservation totally…He said that it was Independence weekend and he gave us a good rate and he can make more money on the rooms…we subsequently received a cancellation notice..we were utterly shocked and insulted. This type of behavior is deplorable and needs to be noted to any perspective guest.