Good Ladies Productions, 36. We produce shows that explore gender, hyper-femininity, drag, sexuality and striptease for everyone. Learn all about us at, Burlesque is Freedom. Stormy and Josephine founded Good Ladies Productions to tell the world. They present theatre pieces that use neo-burlesque striptease, audience participation and sketch comedy to explore some of the biggest questions facing our generation. Their productions bring vaudeville theatre into the 21st century using video projections and the most innovative neo-burlesque. In a conscious effort to build community, the Good Ladies source their performers from all corners of the burlesque and art world. Cherry Typhoon brings decades of experience as writer/director of our intimate, meaningful, polished, and comedic shows. The Good Ladies invite you to enjoy an edgy and theatrical burlesque experience! What is 'neo-burlesque'? Find out here,

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