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  • Gigi's Warrendale, Detroit


  • Gonzo8266
    Gonzo8266 reviewed Gigi's Over a year ago
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    So very sad!
    So I have been away from Detroit for many years. I get back and one of the bars I decide to go back to is Gigi's. I was surprised to seehow much it has changed to a ghetto booty style bar, which was kewl with me even though I prefer club/house music. I did what I always do when I go out alone, stay out of the way. Enjoyed the drag show a little and strippers were to skinny for me. A bouncer, a short round bouncer, approached me and began screaming at me to get out of the hallway, of which I had been hanging most of the night. I walked in and off to the side and pulled money out to give to the drag queen performing when bouncer came at me again and began screaming that I cannot stand in doorway, which I was not, and screamed again that I need to step up and give the queen the money. I looked at him, pocketed my money and left. Mission accomplished. He wanted me out of there for some reason and I left.. Had I been the way I was years ago, I would have put him in his place verbally and physically.. It's a shame when staff treat paying patrons like someone who refused to sleep with them. I will go back one day with a team and dare him to approach me the same way again.. Disgusting person..