Jan Nielsen, 56M. Hiya. My name is Jan. Welcome to my profile here. I'm a single, 50-something guy living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm gay - and the mother of all bookworms... I have a huge one - sense of humour that is. I love people who can laugh, especially of themselves. I have an education in literature and philosophy but that's not the field I'm currently working in. My life has taken some tumbles along the way, but whose haven't. I'm a non-smoker and I don't drink or do drugs. Boring? Nah, I don't think so. But the binge drinking partying and clubbing days are pretty much over for me. However, I do love socialising and having a nice time with friends. Hmm. I wonder if that's what they call growing up *giggles*. I love literature, music, movies, the internet and Playstation 4. Jazz and classical music are favourites but I also love listening to the wonderful dance music on Apple Music. I'm a recent convert to Apple. Swimming, sun bathing and relaxing outdoors are great too. I work out at the local fitness centre and try to take care of myself. Literature is probably my main interest in life. I read almost everything. From Stephen King to Baudelaire. Books are a magic kingdom, I collect the critters too. What can I say, he he. I love to make new friends, pen palls and contacts. If you want to chat, get in touch, please. The love of my life would be cool to find as well, but hey! Sex is of course also a theme (isn't it always).

Copenhagen, Denmark
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  • Men's Shop Vesterbro, Copenhagen
  • Copenhagen Mermates Copenhagen
  • Body Bio Vesterbro, Copenhagen


  • GoldenPrince
    GoldenPrince reviewed Men's Shop Over a year ago
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    Best shop, finest service and customer care
    There's Men's Shop. And then there are all the rest. Toys, DVDs, Pride, porn - it's here. And they care for you. They only stock toys that are safe, no dangerous chemicals. A fine thing that really says it all.

  • GoldenPrince
    GoldenPrince reviewed Body Bio Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Can be a real treat
    The name of the game is darkness. The club is murky, but therein lies half the fun. A lot of rooms, hallways, tv-rooms, sling, sauna, gloryhole room, shower, private cabins, internet and a separate smoker\'s area.\r\n\r\nThe clientele is mixed. The place used to be called Bifil-Bio and the bisexuals haven\'t forgotten, so you might meet gays, bi\'s, transgender persons and sometimes even a woman (although these mostly come with a price tag). \r\n\r\nThere is almost always action. They open at noon and close at 1 a.m. Apart from the annoying pros roaming the place there is little in the way of standing around or showing off. People are there for the same thing.