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  • The Tampa Men's Club Drew Park, Tampa
  • GayBoySex
    GayBoySex reviewed The Tampa Men's Club Over a year ago
    Hates it

    A whole lot of nothing.
    This place may or may not be clean and new looking. Why would I say this you may ask. I went on 2 separate occasions and requested a tour. Both times I was turned down because only one person was there. At least YRS could give me a tour of the place. So the second time I had gone to get my tour, I decided, fuck it, Ill go in anyway, but yet again I found myself in a situation that was a let down. They ONLY ACCEPT CASH! No wonder why they don't have many patrons. Who the fuck would ever create such an establishment and only accept cash. Hell even those Mom&Pop shops accept cards. Too many disappointments all around for this place. I give it 1 star because I couldn't even get in on 3 tries.